[1st release] All available PURE NFT Warriors were sold out!!!

💟 Special thanks for the enthusiastic support of Dwers!

  • All available Pure NFT warriors were sold out in a few minutes!
  • Please note that there are two approvals required to complete the transaction:
    - Approve FIWA token before processing the payment
    - Approve the payment
  • Some purchase participants — who were not familiar with wallet approvals — failed with the purchase because they did not approve the 2nd approval to complete the transactions. Hence, the warriors were locked. We will be moving the locked warriors to the next sale.

Upcoming events after the PURE Warrior sale:

  • Next warrior sale: around 3,000 warriors, will occur within 2 weeks.
  • “FIWA strong holders” will earn early tickets for the next Pure Warrior sale.
  • “Joint liquidity mining” with massive rewards on KyberDMM and MDEX. Are you ready to earn $FIWA, $KNC, and $MDX?
  • NFT Marketplace: to be released within a week. Only FIWA is accepted for payment.
  • Stake NFT Warrior to earn CWIG & FIWA: to be released within this week.
  • PvP, PvE: to be released in September 2021.

Get your Warrior ready to explore the crypto world and conquer a series of thrilling in-game challenges🚀