2nd DeFi Warrior Token Burn: Completed

During the second burn, 5,000,000 FIWA (currently worth $US75,000) has been burned.

The amount of FIWA burned in the second burn is 5 times higher compared to the first burn. This move represents how the DeFi Warrior is growing a lot stronger, with many activities has taken place around the project that keeps expanding its horizon and bringing in massive revenue:

  • NFT Body-parts became transactable in the NFT Marketplace, giving players more chances to earn from trading NFTs.
  • A Social Associate program was released, allowing the community members to contribute to the expansion of the DeFi Warrior community and receive rewards in return.
  • The release of new gameplay features, namely Bounty Hunting and Daily Missions, would provide the players with more diverse gaming experience.

By burning FIWA, the team at DeFi Warrior is keeping the value of the token under control and reducing the pressure on the market, which creates many benefits for all FIWA holders. This shall help FIWA to become one of the most valuable tokens in the crypto metaverse down the road.

  • Sources of tokens: Transaction fee in the marketplace, from events like NFT Two Dollars, IGO…
  • This process will be done periodically and announced after each burn to bring balance to the ecosystem of FIWA.
  • The amount of burn will be determined for each burn.

Read more: https://defiwarrior-1.gitbook.io/defi-warrior/burning-tokens





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