The event series WELCOME TO THE MERA includes Music Night, Money Drop, Fireworks, Chill In The Mera, and exciting minigames!

🥂Music Night: this event will have 3 minigames (from 12:00 to 01:00 UTC), players can try out the new functions in the metaverse like chatting, Dance Moves, random commands,…

💎 Money Drop: To pay tribute to our first citizens, a helicopter will drop free tokens in the stage area. Each player needs to assign to the NPC and confirm with it after that to claim the reward

🎇 Fireworks: This event is a 5-quests list, and each quest will be open in turn from 04th Oct to 09 Oct (00:00 UTC)

🍻 Moreover, during the time of Fireworks event takes place, there will be minigames for online players at the Square

🚀Chill in The Mera (3 Oct — 10 Oct): Besides the minigames, we create missions that require Meracians to share the visual of the THE MERA on Twitter/TikTok with hashtags, feedback about the game,…to earn exciting rewards!

— — — — —

Follow our Twitter to update the lastest new about the event!

Get a move on! Happy to see you at The Mera🧨🧨



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