When you’re spending a lot of time in DeFi Warrior, we know that little quality improvements can have a big impact. Our team takes time to gather feedback and build changes to enhance your experience.

To avoid inflation and stabilize the earning & ROI mechanism, as previously announced, we will adjust as following:

📌 PvP: We want to create motivation for players to focus on PvP so we will change the reward

**To prevent auto-click fraud, we will limit each account to 40 stamina per day to share both PvP and Adventures. Every 20 minutes your account will be restored 1 stamina.

📌 World Boss

**In addition, World Boss will only appear on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

📌 E-gacha: change reward type and reward ratio

Also, we will delete all number of gacha tickets that have not been used yet.
- Compensation ecwig as follows:
+ Basic gacha: 15 ecwig/ticket
+ Premium gacha: 30 ecwig/ticket

Note: Your fork card is still available and you will get RFC if you have completed 250 premium gacha.

📌 E-exchange: change the price of items

📌 Adventure mode: adjusted the respawn cost and reward of each stage (including facilities and exp), removed the first reward in each stage.

📌 Fork cost — Evolution cost

📌 Bounty Hunting: Maximum 2 quests/day. Only open Bounty Hunting every Tuesday and Thursday.

💎 Reward: Basic Gacha/ Premium Gacha/ max 600 eCwig

Quests must be done and received within the day!

📌 Daily Mission: Complete 3 tasks every day to receive reward:

+ Complete the daily mission check-in

+ Complete 4 PvP matches

+ Complete 4 stages in Adventures mode

💎 Reward: 100 eCwig

📌We have decided to change the Mining mechanism to help reduce eCwig inflation. Please follow this link:

⭐️All upcoming updates will be aimed to adjust the game balance and improving the earning.

The detail date to update will be informed soon.

We always listen to you so that we can develop good games.

Thank you for your support.



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