BSC Live Stream Session summary

A live stream session was hosted by BSC to introduce DeFi Warrior to the gaming world. DeFi Warrior is an NFT title that integrates both DeFi and NFT into its in-game system.

During the live stream session, the developer was giving the audience a glimpse of the gameplay as well as the characters which are called Warriors in the game, and answering a few questions asked by the users from the social media community.

Regarding the concept of DeFi Warrior, it was revealed that each player will take control of a warrior and participate in battles to earn rewards. Each warrior represents a piece of crypto and comes with a unique skin, characteristics, and skills. The live stream session also highlighted many other features of the same, including initial game offering (IGO), an NFT marketplace where players can trade their assets, and warrior staking.

When it comes to IGO, it is considered a trend in the gaming world. Players will be able to take part in the development of projects by contributing to their funds, and in return receive financial awards. This is a huge evolutionary step compared to any traditional gaming models.

One of the greatest concerns from the community is about the value the in-game crypto, also called token, delivers to gamers. Technically, DeFi Warrior implements the play-to-earn model, which allows players who contribute to the game economy to receive financial rewards. At the same time, the developer plans to collaborate with other crypto projects to provide players with more incentives and rewards, which give the developer the confidence that DeFi Warrior will be able to compete with other NFT games.

The develop also gave out a few tips and tricks for the players should they choose to play the game, such as unlocking new skills of your warriors by either leveling them up or buying body parts; creating a new warrior by implementing a technique called “forking”; as well as participating in in-game events to earn rewards,

The crypto world is changing, so is the gaming industry, and DeFi Warrior is guaranteed to provide the community with tons of memorable experiences.