Hey DWERs!

What do you think if we have a tournament for guilds? Exciting?

YES, you read that correctly!


🔥Grab your friends, link up, and create a guild to experience competitive gaming like never before. 💰Bask in the glory of your winnings with a cash prize and in-game items. Our tournaments offer actual, spendable, real-life, cash!

⏰Time: from 14 March to 20 March 2022.

💰Total pool prize: 1600 BUSD

🥇 First prize: 500 BUSD

🥈 Second prize: 300 BUSD

🥉 Third Prize: 200 BUSD

🏅 Extra prize: 100 BUSD

🏆The champion guilds will be given an amount of premium gacha with a total value of 500 BUSD.


- Calculate the total elo score from 00:00 UTC March 14 to 23:59 UTC March 20
- No limit on using stamina, no limit on time join the match per day
- Prerequisite to win the tournament: There are no accounts (for 15 registered accounts) ranked (monthly) below 700 scores by the end of the tournament (23:59 UTC on 20 March) (check the leaderboard to see your monthly rank)

📍 Each guild can register max 15 accounts — min 5 accounts to participate in the tournament

We will proceed to calculate the total score of the accounts in each guild. The 3 guilds with the highest total elo will win the tournament.

🥇 First prize: 500 BUSD + 250 Premium gacha

🥈 Second prize: 300 BUSD + 150 Premium gacha

🥉 Third Prize: 200 BUSD + 100 Premium gacha

Extra prize: 100 BUSD for the winning guild that have the most spectacular strike of all matches.

  • Guilds can record the members best strike, then select the best videos to send to the organizers. The organizers will let the community vote on the best video of the season. The highest number of votes will win the extra prize.

Now you can connect with other users to form a death squad clan in this tournament.

🚨Please register your team here: FORM

Registration deadline: 23:59 UTC, 12 March 2022



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