• How to participate
  • Term of Rules
  • Reward


Players need to pay 3,000 FIWA as the entry fee and some gas fee to approve the Metamask wallet

After you registered successfully, please set up your warrior team!

After the system recognizes 16 registered accounts, it will close the registration and start the group stage of that league

You need to “check” within 5 minutes before the start of the tournament. If you are not online at that time, you will enter into the match and fight automatically

Now you are in the group stage


  • To participate, players must pay 3,000 fiwa as the entry fee, and this amount of fiwa will be added to the prize pool.
  • 1 tournament will have 16 participating teams, divided into 4 groups
  • Each team will play 6 matches in the group
  • There can be many tournaments taking place together
  • When entering the match in the tournament, the user’s warrior will apply the stat of level 1
  • Each match runs for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, if there is no victory or defeat, the team with more health point will win.
  • 6 group stage matches of all groups will be held continuously on the same day (each match is 10 minutes apart). Then 4 quarterfinals, 2 semi-finals and 1 final match will be held the next day (same time as above)
  • After completing the group stage, you will advance to the semi-finals


  • The total reward pool of each league is the total of the FIWA that registered by users and a fee contributed by the developer.
  • Rewards will be divided into categories: Champion, Semifinal, Quarterfinals, Group Stage
  • You will be charged 6% of total reward that you received
Note: We will launch the PC version first. Mobile version will be updated later.

In the Mobile version, users will register with 7500 eCwig.
Reward in Mobile version is eCwig.



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