Good day, DWERs

We — Dwers — did a fascinating IDO & IEO, PURE NFT Warriors events. We arrived on the market with a bang allowing our community to participate in the IEO on and the IDO on PancakeSwap & KyberDMM on the same day. In this way, we tried to give an opportunity for more members of our community to support the DeFi Warrior project early on.

Let’s see what we have got?

📈$FIWA available on

🤑 24h after listing on Gate, PancakeSwap & KyberDMM

🤖 All available PURE NFT Warriors were sold out on Sep 9, 2021.

🤝 The community was blown up

  • Telegram: 72k members
  • Twitter: 83k members
  • Discord: 52k members

🤑 Upcoming events after the PURE Warrior sale

We keep working on creating the best DeFi x NFT Game on the market and are planning a series of exciting events and articles to provide you with more knowledge about the DeFi Warrior.

  • Next warrior sale: around 3,000 warriors, will occur within 2 weeks.
  • “FIWA strong holders” will earn early tickets for the next Pure Warrior sale.
  • “Joint liquidity mining” with massive rewards on KyberDMM and MDEX.
  • NFT Marketplace: to be released within a week. Only FIWA is accepted for payment.
  • Stake NFT Warrior to earn CWIG & FIWA: to be released within this week.
  • PvP, PvE: to be released in September 2021

Official notification will be announced in the following week!

Thank you for participating in our events ❤️

Exciting times ahead 🚀

Our official channels:

Telegram Official | Discord | Twitter | Website |Medium | Reddit



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