DeFi Warrior

DeFi Warrior Players Can Finally Trade In-Game NFT Body-Parts To Make Profits

The NFT Marketplace is the backbone of DeFi Warrior’s in-game ecosystem. Since day one, players have been able to make profits from trading NFT warriors in the marketplace. Now that DeFi Warrior has entered a new development stage, the game is going to release warrior body-parts as another kind of NFT to be traded in the marketplace, creating another method for players to earn with DeFi Warrior.

About NFT body-parts

  • Default body-parts: Those that come with warriors since their creation. These body-parts are inseparably tradable from their equipped warriors.
  • Secondary body-parts: These body-parts are collected during the gameplay. Unlike default body-parts, they can be traded separately in the NFT marketplace. When equipped with secondary body-parts, warriors cannot evolve as well as be used for forking.

How to earn from selling NFT body-parts

In order to make profits from NFT body-parts, players first need to collect them by participating in several in-game activities, including PvP, adventures, mining, and gacha. These activities are interrelated and, as a result, affects how players can get body-parts while playing the game.

More details on how players can earn from DeFi Warrior’s in-game activities can be found here.

Once the players get their hands on these NFT body-parts, it is time to bring them into the NFT marketplace to make profits.

Essentially, these body-parts have an impact on the power of the warriors and eventually how players use them to earn through the gameplay, so these NFTs are going to be valuable assets in the game. Enabling them to be traded will open doors to more types of NFT becoming tradable and help DeFi Warrior to live up to its Play-to-Earn status.