DeFi Warrior Presents Partnership With Altcoin Buzz

It is with pleasure that we announce Altcoin Buzz as a strategic partner. Both parties are looking forward to bringing the galaxy of DeFi Warrior to the gaming community all over the globe.

Since the early stages of development, DeFi Warrior has showcased the potential to be one of the most interesting NFT games in the metaverse. The project has raised $2.3 million in funds from several investors in the cryptocurrency sectors and piqued the interest of Altcoin Buzz, who will join forces with us, to build a marketing strategy that engages the GameFi community and brings the project closer to the public.

Possessing some of the most unique features, such as the crypto galactic game concept and the NFT Two Dollar marketplace as part of the in-game ecosystem, DeFi Warrior has further strengthened its status as a one-of-a-kind experience to the GameFi community.

Having Altcoin Buzz as a strategic partner, DeFi Warrior is looking at a promising future where it can expand its network and become a media sensation in the global market. The project has proven to be a valuable asset to both Altcoin Buzz and DeFi Warrior.

About Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz started with a simple idea to share our thoughts and opinions about bitcoin, altcoins, and cryptocurrency. Thousands of views and iterations later — Altcoin Buzz, is one of the largest crypto-based media portals, that delivers the latest news on Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, DeFi, and Digital Assets.

We showcase fresh new content 24 hours to stay relevant and fresh for our global audience. We feature news and updates on happenings around the crypto world across the following categories: Crypto News, Technical Analysis & Trading, Crypto Overviews & Reviews, Blockchain Event Coverage, and exclusive interviews with Founders & Influencers.

Our content is created daily by our growing members of Altcoin Buzz from around the globe with different perspectives, sending out a comprehensive overview to our active and constantly growing community of subscribers.

About DeFi Warrior

DeFi Warrior is a decentralized finance (DeFi) x NFT play-to-earn game developed on top of the Binance Smart Chain. With an intriguing crypto galactic storyline and one of the most diversified features in the ecosystem, DeFi Warrior promises to deliver one of the most unique experiences to the gaming community.

In DeFi Warrior, each blockchain is a planet, and each crypto is a warrior. The planet is also the place where warriors can build their coin mining factory, and fight against bosses or enemies for rewards.

The token FIWA backed is the main token. It is required for trading on DeFi Warrior’s NFT marketplace. The NFT Warriors backed by BEP 721 are the main characters in the game and can be traded on the NFT marketplace and staked in a pool for earning tokens.

Such game dynamics aim to achieve two essential goals: to bring the world of crypto to the masses through gaming, and to pique the curiosity of both the GameFi community and crypto investors.



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