DeFi Warrior Referral Program

Step-by-step tutorial

How does the Referral System work?

  1. You will be provided with a unique referral link on
  2. Share the link with the people you want to refer to.
  3. The referral recipient will follow the sign up process to create an account and join the world of DeFi Warrior
  4. For every transaction conducted on the NFT marketplace, the referrer can receive up to 40% of transaction fee as commission.
  5. The referral program is eligible for 12 months.

For the referrer

  1. Go to Referral from the homepage or by following the link

2. A link will be generated in “My referral link”. Copy and send the link to the person you want to refer.

3. Receive up to 40% of commission from any transaction conducted on the NFT marketplace by the referral recipient for 1 year.

For the referral recipient

  1. Conditions
  • First time connecting Metamash on the systeme
  • Having never received referral from anyone

2. Steps to join

a. Install Metamask extension on the web browser

b. Click on the referral link from the referrer

c. Accept the terms & conditions and connect your Metamask wallet to log into the system

Referral rules

1. There is no limit on how many accounts can be referred. For 12 months, whenever a referred recipient conducts a transaction on the NFT marketplace, the referrer will receive a commission from that transaction fee.

2. The referral will not be recognized if either the referred had logged in to using Metamask before or the account of the referred exists for less than a day.

3. The referral will not be recognized if the referrer is spotted using multiple accounts for the program.

4. The terms and conditions of the program can be changed or updated over time.



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