DeFi Warrior: You will have fierce battles with World Bosses! Are you ready to defeat them?

⚡️A big WAR is coming, Brave Dwers, are you ready to confront?⚡️

Two brand-new world bosses will appear:

🔥Fire Dragon (07:00 AM UTC) for all players (you don’t have to stake any)

🔥Ice Pluto (2:00 PM UTC) for players who have ticket (by staking FIWA)

** Boss only appears for 30 minutes at a time

World bosses have a lot of health and the grand amount of damage dealt.

On the first turn of the round, the World Boss will attack the target warrior. On the second turn, World Boss will deal a blow with damage AOE which can destroy your warrior squad in one hit. This process will keep repeating until the World Boss is killed.

The user will have to wait 15 seconds to respawn for free and then continue to fight the boss. You also can use eCwig to revive quickly!

The first time you quick respawn you will lose 2 eCwig. The number of eCwig will increase by 2 after each respawn.


  • Will be calculated according to the rating of the total damage done to the boss
  • After the boss died, the reward will be sent immediately to the claim box
  • Special reward: The last player who deals damage to make the boss die will receive it (Last Hit), you will get an extra 5% of the total reward.
  • Mission reward: Players just need to deal with the boss enough damage as required to get these rewards

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Step 1: Access

Step 2: Choose the type of pool: 2500 FIWA or 10000 FIWA then click to enable and wait for approval in progress

Step 3: Click to stake and wait for approval in progress

Step 4: Click the “Play” button

Step 5: Go to Giftbox to claim the ticket

Note: There will be a ticket sent to claimbox every day for 14 days (at 00:00 UTC)


Step 1: Access at the time World Boss appear

Step 2: Click to the icon of World Boss

Step 3: Choose the type of ticket that you have

** This screen is only displayed if you have staked to get the boss ticket (for Ice Pluto). Please skip this step if you encounter the boss Fire Dragon

Step 4: Set up your warrior team at the icon “Team” and “Save team”

Step 5: Click to button “Fight” to start fighting the boss

— — — —

You should be well-prepared for the battle to survive and earn a lot of precious rewards!!! 🔥



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