Fantom COO Barek Sekandari joined DeFi Warrior as Strategic Advisor

Barek Sekandari- Strategic Advisor

DeFi Warrior has recently appointed Barek Sekandari as Strategic Advisor. Since his introduction in the cryptocurrency market, Barek has been an active advocate and contributor to projects like Fantom where he leads an important role of COO at Fantom Foundation. Barek will be advising DeFi Warrior on UK and EU business development and market strategy. He will assist with accelerating the platform’s momentum.

Barek Sekandari brings with him an impressive background in being a co-founder or advisor for innovation, fintech, and blockchain companies such as Fantom Foundation, Clover, COTI Group,… He and DeFi Warrior will work in close collaboration on these principles starting with a focus on the growing cross-chain network effect of Fantom.

DeFi Warrior is a blockchain-based game inspired by the cryptocurrency economy. In DeFi Warrior, each blockchain is a planet, and each crypto is a warrior. The planet is also the place where warriors can build their coin mining factory, and fight against bosses or enemies for rewards. Such game dynamics aim to achieve two essential goals: to bring the world of crypto to the masses through gaming and to pique the curiosity of both gamers and crypto investors.

DeFi Warrior aims to create a blockchain game ecosystem, where warriors can do cross-game play, meaning any warrior can easily enter different gameplays. To that end, DeFi Warrior will become decentralized, where players and community can contribute to a warrior and a planet design, and add more gameplay to the DeFi Warrior crypto world.

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