Hello, Meracians!

Do you have thousand of questions popping in your head about the Fireworks event? So right now we will show you the detailed tutorial of this quest series!

Reward: 25,000 eFIWA/quest/player

Time: 00:00 UTC, 4 Oct — 00:00 UTC 10, Oct, 2022


- CHLOE — Hit the nail on the head: You will need to complete 5 multiple choice questions to pass this quest. All the quizzes for this mission are related to the Whitepaper of THE MERA and the gameplay of DeFi Warrior.

- SOPHIA — Find MERA: In this quest, the letter boxes will randomly spawn on the map and players need to collect all 4 letters of the “MERA” word. There will be some empty boxes appear while you’re searching, so pay attention to the collected words on the bottom-right corner of the screen!

- FLORENCE — Garden Maze: Players need to find the exit of a challenging hedge maze within the allotted time to claim the reward. If you fail, the structure of the maze will change in the next time you play it, so don’t let the memory fool you!

- ROSE — Gold Digger: This time, players must use a metal detector to find all the gold before time runs out. Remember to check your detector, It will give stronger signals when you get closer to gold

- ANNA — Shooting off Fireworks: In the last mission, players will use the fireworks claimed in previous quests to shoot off as request of the NPC. A moving energy bar will appear and you need to shoot it at the right spot to win. As you’re doing this quest, the energy bar will become faster and faster, so be careful with it

*** Chloe, Sophia, Florance, Rose, Anna is the NPC's name, and they will bring their quest.


  • You need to confirm with the NPC after you finish a mission to claim the reward. If not, you can’t complete this quest and also can’t claim anything.
  • The players have to do the quests in order. You can only get 1 quest once the previous one has been completed
  • The “Garden Maze 3D” quest will be open 2 days in a row, so this quest has 200 prize slots for the fastest players
  • If you disconnect when doing a quest, you have to replay it when you get back to the game
  • Having problems while doing the quests? Take a screenshot and send it to telegram @TheMera_Support to get help

Do you want to be one of the first Meracians to experience the Fireworks event??



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