We are very happy to announce that our smart contract and vesting contract audit was successfully completed by Hacken!

Why smart contract audits are so important

This month marked a significant milestone for DeFi Warrior’s developer team — the successful audit of our smart contract for the $FIWA token by blockchain security specialists company Hacken.

Why was this audit so important? While our engineering team has implemented the highest standards in development and testing, there is nothing like having a team of highly qualified security specialists who have not seen your code before scrutinize your work and probe for any vulnerabilities. The waiting for a response from the market in the circulating token is important for the illustrative certificate.

Hacken Audit

Click to check: HERE

Auditing Process

The methods that Hacken used to audit FIWA token smart contract & vesting contract were Architecture Review, Functional Testing, Computer-Aided Verification, Manual Review

Why Hacken?

Hacken is one of the leading Security Consulting Companies with an essential focus on blockchain security. Hacken does a range of security tests.

  • Blockchain protocol audits & Ethereum contract audits.
  • Penetration testing: DDoS Resistance, Web Application, Android Penetration Testing, iOS Penetration Testing & Network Penetration Testing.
  • Security assessment: Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Modelling, Cloud Security Assessment, WIRA & Social Engineering.

After carefully assessing FIWA’s smart contract, the contract was concluded to be well-secured.

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