- Players need to use eCwig to create a room

- There are 2 options for users: host room and join the room

- Host can create rooms and decide on the challenge

- The user who joins the room needs to have an eCwig number equal to or higher than the one set by the host

  • Each room created has its ID and password to access
  • User also needn't to set the room's password so that anyone can enter the room
  • If the room has already been out of slot, but you still try to enter, a pop-up message will be displayed: “Out of slot!”

- Players can directly join by entering their room ID and password.

- To host or join a room, players need to set up a squad before

- The match can be started by the host when the joiner has pressed the ready button

- Host has the right to kick/ban the joiner and change the eCwig (must not exceed the amount that the host/join currently has)

- Participants can quit the room if they haven’t pressed the ready button

- At the end of the match, the winner will receive 95% of the bet (pay a participation fee of 5%)

- If the player doesn’t exit or is not kicked/ banned, another match can be started with the current eCwig.

When the host exits the room, the joiner will also be out.


Let’s kick off with your warrior team! Because these amazing things will come this week :D You can challenge your enemies to solo 1:1 soon



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