DeFi Warrior

Nov 5, 2021

7 min read

Looking To Earn in DeFi Warrior? This Is How You Do It!

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) model has completely transformed the gaming world. In the past, people played games mostly for killing time and for the purpose of entertainment. At best, it was a way to escape reality.

Yet with P2E, it is a different story. Players are now able to own a small part of the game, and by doing so, they can even make money from it. They also become careful in choosing what to play, calculative in how they can play and generate profits. In other words, gaming has become the reality.

How to earn in DeFi Warrior

Among all P2E titles, DeFi Warrior stands out because of its unique crypto galaxy concept. By using blockchain technology to decentralize the game assets called NFTs, these items can be acquired by the players and have real tangible value attached to them.

Currently, the NFTs in DeFi Warrior come in the forms of warriors, and players can use them to participate in several in-game activities to earn FIWA and CWIG — the two main tokens of the game.

As of this writing, FIWA is the only token of DeFi Warrior which can be converted into real-world money. In the future, CWIG has the possibility to become tradable on exchanges, expanding the opportunity for the DeFi Warrior community to earn from playing the game.

“But how long will it take to generate profits in DeFi Warrior?” is one of the most asked questions from the community of the game. Since the beginning, DeFi Warrior has been determined to be a long-term project that will not stop expanding its horizon. Among the GameFi community, many players have even chosen this sector to be their main source of income, and this is also what DeFi Warrior is aiming at — to create a stable environment where players can continue earning for a long time.

Activities for earning in DeFi Warrior

What’s amazing about DeFi Warrior is that there are multiple high-earning potentials for players to make massive profits through multiple in-game activities:

  1. PvP Battles
  2. Adventures
  3. Mining
  4. Gacha
  5. NFT Trading
  6. Staking
  7. NFT Two Dollars
  8. Referral program

PvP Battles

In PvP mode, players will battle one another one-on-one. In order to play this mode, each player is required to have a minimum of 3 warriors. Once in PvP, the system will automatically match 2 players against each other based on their rankings and winning percentage. Winning a battle will reward players with eCWIG and ranking points.

eCWIG is in-game currency used for all in-game transactions and can be exchanged for CWIG. The pair of CWIG-FIWA is essential for evolving and creating new warriors, which affects the value of the NFT warriors. How players choose to use these warriors eventually determines how much they can earn in the game.

High ranking also comes with a variety of rewards, which can be Gacha tickets for lucky draws, facilities for mining, warrior body-parts, and body-part fragments, and many more. These are essential elements to how players can earn CWIG and FIWA.

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Another main game mode in DeFi Warrior, Adventures provides players with the opportunity to collect facilities, Gacha tickets, and other kinds of reward. Instead of battling against one another, each player will embark on an in-game adventure and fight monsters, which takes place on different planets and zones.

Facilities collected from Adventures are used for a different in-game purpose called mining, through which players can generate eCWIG and warrior body-parts for earning.

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This is where the facilities collected from PvP battles and Adventures modes as well purchased from the in-game shop come into use. Mining allows players to generate their own eCWIG — which is used for exchanging for CWIG. At the same time, mining will also generate body-part fragments for making warrior body-parts to make the warriors more powerful, which eventually affects the value of the warriors and how players use them to earn in the game.

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Taken from the word gashapon — a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan, Gacha in DeFi Warrior is a lucky draw game. Participating in Gacha requires players to have Gacha tickets, which can be found while playing PvP and Adventures modes. Rewards from Gacha include eCWIG, facilities and energy for mining, reservation fork cards for creating new warriors, body-parts, and body-part fragments. How players can earn with these rewards have already been mentioned.

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NFT staking

NFT staking allows players to earn both CWIG and FIWA without having to participate in battles and other activities. Staking in DeFi Warrior comes with 3 options

  • NFT for CWIG
  • NFT & CWIG for CWIG
  • NFT & FIWA for FIWA

The amount of CWIG and FIWA received from staking depends on the level of the warriors as well as how much CWIG and FIWA was staked. This is ideal for those who are more interested in investing to make profits rather than playing the game

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NFT Two Dollars

This is a new feature that was released back in October. Through NFT Two Dollars, all players have the opportunity to own a warrior for a minimum of $2 USDT, which costs as much as a cup of coffee.

This feature allows players to propose their NFTs for sale, while other players will be able to vote for the NFTs they wish to see on sale. The NFTs with the most votes will make it to the sale round, where each player can buy as many tickets as they wish to win the NFTs.

The lucky winner will be randomly drawn with a highly reliable blockchain technology which is Chainlink VRF, a function that generates random and unpredictable numbers, so the result will be all transparent.

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NFT trading in the marketplace

This can be considered the cornerstone of how Play-to-Earn is integrated into DeFi Warrior. Players can trade their NFTs in the NFT Marketplace at whatever price they want. Currently, the NFTs that can be traded are warriors.

As the community of DeFi Warrior keeps on growing, the NFTs will become rarer and harder to acquire, thus increasing their value. Moreover, new NFTs will also be released, and the NFT Marketplace will become more dynamic for the trading activities to take place.

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Referral Program

DeFi Warrior wishes for the player-base to have fun while playing and, at the same time, share the experience to their loved ones. By introducing the referral program, players can invite their friends and family to join the game and receive rewards in return.

Specifically, after successfully referring a person, the referrer will receive 40% from every transaction conducted on the NFT marketplace by the referral recipient until the referral program ends, which will be within next year. This program will surely help expand the community of DeFi Warrior over time and hence create an impact on how players play and earn in the game.

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The future of Play-to-Earn in DeFi Warrior

By releasing the mainnet, DeFi Warrior has reached a new milestone, yet this is just the beginning for the game. Since the early stages of development, DeFi Warrior’s priority has always been to provide the player-base with memorable gaming experience, which is why the game is planning to bring more features and game modes into the game. In the future, the DeFi Warrior community can expect to become more fun and more diverse in terms of gameplay, so that they can earn from playing the game and have tons of fun while doing so.