🎉Santa Claus is coming to DeFi Warrior

Ring a bell… ring a bell…🔔 our beloved DWERs!

🌨Snowflakes are coming! Are you ready to decorate the Christmas tree? 🎀🎶

You need to collect these below items to decorate your trees as soon as possible:

❄️Snowflakes: you gonna see beautiful dropping snowflakes when you win in PvP / Adventure mode and Mining (with a defined ratio).

💥Limited amount (max) of items per account/day

PvE: 150 / PvP: 150 / Mining: 150

🔮Bauble: will be sent to the user’s giftbox every day with a defined ratio

Also, The Reindeer will appear with a bag containing bauble on the main screen of the game. Whenever he appears, the user needs to tap on him to make it drop baubles and pick them up.

💥Limited amount (max) of items per account/day

Log in daily mission: 30/ Click to Reindeer on main screen: 100

🌟Star: is the hardest item to get!

Star will have a low drop ratio when claiming bounty hunting (it will be sent to the gift box with the quest item)

In addition, star will have a high drop ratio when players evolve and fork warriors (it will be sent to giftbox after successful transaction).

The star will also be temporarily added to the premium gacha with a low drop ratio (this rule will be removed when the event ends).

💥Limited amount (max) of items per account/day

Bounty Hunting: 10/ Evolution : 4/ Fork : 4/ Premium gacha: 12

🤶Reindeer Tokens: have a ratio with low output at the supreme tree

Whenever you have enough 10 reindeer token, you will be able to claim the special christmas body part.

💥We have just 4 this special body parts so whoever has enough reindeer tokens first will get it first.

🎄Please well prepare to decorate the tree together and meet the Santa Claus with his reindeer 🎉

From DeFi Warrior with Love ❤️



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