Hi, Dwers! Have you felt enthusiastic and curious about yesterday’s announcement?

We can’t wait any further to officially announce to you guys about our AMAZING NFT Marketplace.

Today, the details will be revealed. Let’s follow us closely, don’t miss any information!!

There are a total of 5 steps. After reading this guideline and the instructions, I believe you could clarify our procedure and come up with your own strategy!!

Step 1: Preparation

This is the first step to join. In this step, you — the NFT providers — will have to deposit NFTs into the pool.

After adding your NFTs successfully, the result will be shown in the Registered Warriors Section. You could click to view Warrior’s details and see the “estimated=> desired” value of your NFTs.

Step 2: Vote

This is the stage to choose the eligible NFT. This round is required for any NFT which wants to proceed to the following stage.

The judges here are the Dwers, who would vote for items they love with an attractive price.

The power of the vote will be based on the amount of FIWA that the user has in the wallet, and each person has a limited number of votes. We would like to note that the Snapshot decentralized voting application is applied in this step, therefore the number of tokens you own keeps a vital role in determining your voting power, but FIWA also guarantees the transparency and security of users.

Keep in mind that 💸 voting won’t cost your money 💸, so just do what your heart tells you.

Step 3: Purchase

After the NFT has been chosen through the vote round, they’ll move into the next step, which is the Purchase stage.

At that stage, the user will purchase a “chance” to win the NFT of their choice. Each opportunity ticket will be valued two dollars and will be converted to the relevant FIWA token.

Each player has the option of purchasing as many “opportunities” as they want, and with each purchase, the player is assigned a lucky number 🍀 that corresponds to that opportunity. The Purchase step is judged successfully when the NFT opportunity sale profits are greater than or equal to the amount originally predicted by the NFT provider.

Step 4: Random

Successful NFTs at the purchase stage will be randomized by the system using Chainlink’s VRF technology to ensure the most transparency for users.

A lucky number will be chosen, and the owner of that lucky number will receive the NFT that they bought the opportunity.

Step 5: Close

This is the final stage of a 2-dollar NFT pool, the results will be announced, and the participants could claim their rewards, or get back the NFTs that failed in the previous rounds.

If you are the NFT providers

  • Your NFT is successfully sold: You could claim your FIWA! 💐

Note: You could be charged 30% profit for the transaction process. The profit is the price discrepancy between the estimated and actual selling price.

  • Your NFT has not been sold: You could claim your NFT back and wait for another time!

If you are the participant

  • The NFT you purchased the “chance” to reach the provider’s estimated value and you are the owner of the lucky number: You could claim your NFT! 🍭
  • For those who participate in buying the chance of successful pools but are not lucky to win, you cannot claim tickets
  • The NFT you purchased the “chance” hasn’t reached the provider’s estimated value : You could claim again the FIWA you deposited. Don’t be discouraged and wait for the next opportunities!
  • Now you know how to participate in our “NFT Two Dollars Function”.

Now you know how to participate in our NFT Marketplace.

Grasp your chance right now, as once you win, your position in this game is totally changed.

Everybody has an equal opportunity to possess NFTs that they want, please don’t miss it!




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