Summary of update adjustments this week

Hi Dwers!

These following features will be updated today (29 March, 2022):

👉 Mining:

  • 1 star warrior can operate 2 nodes.
  • Adjust upgrade cost

👉 Stamina: Stamina will not be counted on the account. Each warrior will have a unique amount of stamina. As follows:

- 1 Warrior has max 20 stamina

- Recovery time: 75 minutes/ 1 stamina

  • In each battle (PvP): 1 warrior will lose 1 stamina
  • PvE: Auto using *n stamina (*n based on amount of warriors in team)

Note: When your warrior runs out of stamina and you still want to play PvP mode, the system will display a pop-up confirmation before deducting stamina in your E-Wallet.

👉 Warriors that are traded through marketplace will not be reset level.

  • * Wallet -> wallet directly: still be reset to level 1

👉 Make some adjustments to the accessory’s stats to help the NFT (NFT Warriors and NFT Bodyparts) get the right value 💰💰

📌And last but not least, we will have 500 fork cards at 9:00 UTC, 30 March, 2022. Don’t miss it! (No maintenance)

— —



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The Mera - DeFi Warrior

The Mera - DeFi Warrior