In this 2nd release, we bring 6 special warriors:

🚀 Tier 2

🚀 Unique color & accessories

🚀 Accessories’s rarity: higher than 6 special warriors in the 1st release

ETH Special Mage

🌨️ ETH Special Mage was born from a combination of blizzards on the Ethereum planet. In early, she discovered that she was naturally attracted to the Ice Elementals that would make those around her be frozen.

🌨️ Join the ETH army, she will be a strong opponent in battles

🔥Do you want to own this Winter storm? Wish you be able to own this warrior!

BCH Special Mechanic

“Technology will develop the world”

A famous quote in the autobiography of BCH Special Mechanic, a genius inventor☄️

This is the only one of the 6 special warriors — has 2 rare accessories: Bmechanical cap and BScap belt

🔥Grab her to your team in countless battles and land on crypto history.

BTC Special Gangster 💎

💰BTC Special Gangster was born into a wealthy family. His family come from the highest hierarchy clan. 👥

BTC Special Gangster becomes extremely prominent among its peers. No one had ever known that the warrior of this crypto world was actually the richest man.✨

Do you see anything special? He’s the only warrior with “hair” in 6000 DeFi Warriors

🔥Find him to get valuable assets.

LTC Special Knight

Many warriors stopped fighting and gathered together under LTC Special Knight, combining their powers to create a legion, writing history.⚔️

LTC Special Knight is facing everything, keeps absolute concentration because when the horn is blown and the war starts, he will lead the war.⚔️

🔥Do you want to fight hard under the power of this mighty warrior? Join with his legion!

BNB Special Soldier ⚔️

In this 2nd release, we bring 6 special warriors. The next special warrior to appear is BNB Special Soldier.

A retired officer in the Crypto world with a lot of experience from hundreds of battles in the DeFi Warrior world.💥

Long time ago, with just one gun on hand, BNB Special Soldier could repel an army of enemies. He has no tolerance for evil, and fights for justice. Every battle makes him more powerful.💥

🔥No tolerance for the enemy — What do you think when he becomes a friend and an effective assistant in your fight against the enemy’s forces?

UNI Special Hunter 🏹

In this 2nd release, we bring 6 special warriors. UNI Special Hunter is one of them.

Always keep a reminder of the warriors: You should not attend the battle without shields and armors🎯

A legendary hero in the world of DeFi Warrior. An excellent archer with a special bow — Never miss the target. Facing the legion of enemies, UNI Special Hunter took up the bow to protect the lives of all teammates.

UNI Special Hunter will appear in the 2nd release and lurk somewhere among the nearly 3250 warriors.

🔥 Good luck to DWer who will own this special warrior!



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