Are you eagerly anticipating the reward for this event? Time and tide wait for no man, we would like to share a little bit with you 😉

💎Total reward: 800$ + 35 item Evolution Core, in which:

🌟3 Big prizes for GUILD:
- Guild top 1: 320$ + 16 EC (40$ + 2 EC / winner)
- Guild top 2: 240$ + 8 EC (30$ + 1 EC / winner)
- Guild top 3: 160$ + 8 EC (20$ + 1 EC / winner)

🌟2 Special Prizes:
-1 Lucky Guess: The person who shares the Twitter post with the most interactions and correctly predicts the top 1 Guild (15$)
-1 Perfect Timing: The person with the most boss last hits in the tournament (15$) (Apply for all participants)

🌟3 Individual Prizes:
-2 Terminators: The one with the highest tournament score ($20 +2 EC), the second highest ($15 +1EC) (Only counted for non-guild player)
-1 Fortunate Strike: The player who gets EC in boss Ice Pluto on August 19. If no one gets EC or more than one player gets it, the player with the highest damage will receive this reward (15$)

🏆 Great rewards are worth great effort. Get ready for the tournament by building your team now!


🌟 Tournament World Boss will take place in 2 weeks. Each weekend, Guild and individual scores will be updated for members to capture. (Rules and rewards are the same until the end of the event). Specifically, individuals can participate in this event!

- Each guild selects 8 members and fills the player list in the form to participate in the tournament. The organizer will calculate the total score of each Guild and top 3 Guilds with the highest score will be the winners. The points of each Guild are equal to the total damage caused by the guild members when participating in World Boss mode (including Fire Dragon and Ice Pluto)
- The amount of damage caused by each guild member will be calculated into the total score for the guild (applicable to both Fire Dragon and Ice Pluto bosses)
- Participants can make transactions (buy/sell, lending, ..) during the tournament time
- Guilds can be divided into small teams to join(8 players/team)
- Non-Guild players fill in the “Non-Guild” field of the form to participate in the tournament

- The result is only recorded in registered wallets, any wallet change will not be counted in the total score of the guild
- To receive the “Perfect Timing” award, a player must take a screenshot of the last hit rewards in the Claim Box and send it to @DeFiWarrior_Support
- Rewards will be sent to the Guild owners (except the EC core and individual prizes)
- Perfect Timing: In case no player successfully last hit the boss or the number of last hits is equal between player, the player with the highest score will receive the reward
- “Fortunate strike” and “Terminator” rewards are only applied for Non-guild player

⚠️ Please contact us immediately if you have any questions about Tournament information!

🤼 Dwers don’t forget to prepare to join the fierce battles 😉!!!

Register Now!!!



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