Hey Dwers!!!

Are you ready for the upcoming Tournament yet!!

🌟Tournament “Warfare” will take place in 2 weeks. Each week, we will choose 1 champion to go to the finals (Rules and rewards are the same every week). The final match will be live-streamed to challenge the admin of DeFi Warrior.



- You are not allowed to change your in-game name, wallet address, & telegram username during the tournament

- Wallets must not have transactions on lending, buying or selling NFTs (Warrior & Bodypart) during the tournament (from the first game to the last game of the tournament)

- We will regulate in-game naming then send mail to guild owners today. Please change your name as required for the competition results to be recognized.

- Participants must capture the in-game screen & the screen of results for each match then send @Selina_DefiWarrior (whether win or lose)

- Your results will be canceled if you do not follow the rules

🔥Formula: B03 (We will draw and decide the team for the matches). Players have the right to change the lineup after each match.


- Players have to take screenshots during the match and the winning screen of each match then send @Selina_DefiWarrior.

- Your guild’s result will be canceled if you do not follow the rules and notes above

💎Total pool bonus up to 1000$ + item Evolution Core💎

🌟 2 Individual Prizes: 1 champion per week with the highest win-loss index to get 30$ + 4 EC

🌟 2 Big Prizes: Each week’s champion guild will receive 450$ + 10 EC

🌟 1 Extra prize for everyone (even non-participants): Share photos/videos in “Challenge Mode” fight on your twitter + hashtag #DWM #defiwarriormetaverse & tag our Twitter. 15$ + 2 EC for who owns the highest interactions post (total like & retweet)

🌟 2 prizes for 2 individuals in the final battle with admin: 10$ + 10,000 CWIG/winner (set room 100 eCWIG. This round will also be live-streamed on DeFi Warrior page)

🌟 5$ for only who correctly predicts the results of 2 Livestream matches (specific rules will be announced later)

Registration: June 18 — June 21, 2022, the registration link will be sent later. If you haven’t joined the existing guilds, don’t worry! Just register individually, we will support you to find your teammates 😉

💎🚨Register: FORM

🤼Don’t forget to build yourself a strong Guild now to get ready for battle!!



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