Hello DWERs, we are excited to announce to you the official information about THE MERA’s welcome event — Fireworks!

🏆 Reward: 25,000 eFIWA/player/quest ( maximum 100 prizes/quest)
Time: October 04, 2022 — October 10, 2022


  • This event is a series of 5 quests and the total reward will be equally divided for each quest. One quest will be unlocked every day and only 100 fastest players to complete it will receive the reward.
  • The series include: “Hit the nail on the head”; “Find MERA”; “Garden Maze 3D”; “Gold Digger”; “Shoot off Fireworks”. The detailed tutorial of these quests will be informed to you later
  • Player will need to find the NPC to start the mission. The position of the NPC is different each day so you must find it when a new mission is unlocked
  • If you miss the mission of one day, you still can do that mission in the days after


  • The quests me be done in order and when you have finished a quest, you can not do it again
  • In this phase, only players in the whitelist can access to THE MERA and do the quest
  • If you have any problem while doing the quests, please take a screenshot and send it to @DeFiWarrior_Support
  • If the number of players who finished the quest has not reached 100, other players still can do the quest in the days after to claim the prize. The maximum reward per quest remains unchange (2,500,000 eFIWA/day)

🎼 Before starting this event, we will have a Music Night as opening party (03st Oct) to welcome the our first citizens, so don’t forget to join in it!
Time to gear up and celebrate this special occasion with us, guys ^^




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