🌟When you’re spending a lot of time in DeFi Warrior, we know that little quality improvements can have a big impact. So, we are going to have some UPCOMING NEW FUNCTION as below:

Tier 4 (4 stars) will be unlocked on the 3rd evolution — level up from 30 to 40

After evolution, the warrior will be at level 31

4-star warrior will have up to 7 accessories and unlock aura rate for the left leg. This Aura will have 2 types of stat (Dodge and HP), including 1 new type, that’s called “Dodge”.

  • Dodge (Dodge) is applied to both basic attacks and skills
  • Dodge is not a base stat, so it will not level up and will not be displayed in the level up section, but only in the total stat section.
  • Aura is also divided into 6 types of rarity like other accessories
  • To evolve to 4 stars, users need FIWA + CWIG + EVOLUTION CORE
  • EVOLUTION CORE will drop in the world boss
  • The left leg is the replaceable body part

Note: Only 4-star accessories (aura) that can have high rarity when evolving, except for warriors have pre-set accessories

Warrior 5 stars will be unlocked in the 4th evolution — raise the level cap from 40 to 50

After evolution warrior will level 41

5-star Warrior will have up to 8 accessories and have a chance to unlock the leg gear on the right leg

  • Leg gear will have 2 types of base stat: CR (Critical) and CRDMG (Critical damage).
  • In addition, when leg gear is active, the right foot body part will have more leg skills
  • To evolve to 5 stars, you will need FIWA + CWIG + EVOLUTION CORE (more than 4 stars)
  • Leg gear will have 6 types of rarity
  • The right leg is replaceable bodypart

— — — — —

IWO Warrior can’t be evolved to 4–5 stars

EVOLUTION CORE (EC)is compulsory for evolution to 4 stars and 5 stars

EC is the item in the inventory

EC will drop when fighting world boss and is sold in the market for a high price (come later), with 8% rate and 24% when you have the last hit.



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