DeFi Warrior

Ring a bell… ring a bell…🔔 our beloved DWERs!

🌨Snowflakes are coming! Are you ready to decorate the Christmas tree? 🎀🎶

You need to collect these below items to decorate your trees as soon as possible:

❄️Snowflakes: you gonna see beautiful dropping snowflakes when you win in PvP / Adventure…

Dear DWers. All our investors’ tokens unlocking have been stopped!

Following the approval of our investors, we are going to adjust our vesting schedule from 12 months to 15 months. For at least three months from now, no FIWA from investors shall be unlocked.

Within these three months, we are focusing on strengthening our ecosystem for creating stability in long-term growth.

This is a guarantee that DeFi Warrior will continue to expand its long-term horizon and make the project a promising portfolio for the investors.

The adjustment will take effect at 12:00am UTC, 20th November.

We really appreciate the support from the DeFi Warrior community. Please look forward to a better experience from our project.

DeFi Warrior team.

DeFi Warrior


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